Madelin Yinet Winkler

Madelin Winkler, the esteemed founder and face behind Domega Consulting, possesses a remarkable professional background. She was born in the Dominican Republic and grew up in Germany. Following her successful completion of studies at the esteemed Academy of Foreign Trade in Munich, she swiftly established her presence within the IT industry. She has extensive expertise in CRM and SEO and has worked for both small businesses and large corporations. She has acquired extensive knowledge in this area.

In 2017, Madelin embarked on a transformative journey spanning nearly three years, traversing various corners of the globe. During this period, she not only forged invaluable connections with international business partners but also gained profound insights into the multifaceted challenges prevalent in the global landscape. This immersive experience has further enriched her understanding of the complexities inherent in conducting business on an international scale.

Since 2023 Madelin is a member of the Break Fellowship and  HC15-Alliance


  • Google Certificate AdWords Specialist
  • Google Certificate Analytics Specialist
  • Keyword and Backlink Expert
  • CRM-Expert
  • Mega Speaker for Sales and Women Empowerment
  • 7-S Method Coach